Main author

libGDS is written and maintained by Bruno Quoitin (UMONS) and Sebastien Tandel (UCL, Belgium).


  • Bruno Quoitin (UMONS, Belgium) is the main author.
  • Sebastien Tandel (formerly with UCL, Belgium) contributed the hash table code and scripts to build Debian packages. He also wrote a memory allocation tracker as well as wrappers for libxml2 and libpcre.
  • Damien Saucez (UCL, Belgium)
  • Stefan Beauport (UMONS, Belgium)


We are grateful to Aaron Ganschow for designing and publishing the template used in this web site (his work is available from the Open Source Web Design site). Thanks to Pierre Reinbold for his advices on improving the web site's appearance.


This work was supported by the European Commission within the ATRIUM project and is now being continued under the WIST TOTEM project. This work is also partly supported by the European Commission within the E-Next Network of Excellence.